8 Tips on How to Fully Enjoy SOULSCAPE

SOULSCAPE Announcements

We are four days away from SOULSCAPE Festival 2016. These tips will help you to fully enjoy October 1, 2016.

SOULSCAPE Festival is not only about yoga—it is a day embracing mindful living, self-awareness and a deeper connection with those around you. Here are eight ways for fully enjoying the festival.

Juice Up

It will be warm day at Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach, so remember to hydrate! Head to The Village and grab coconut water from Cocomax, cold pressed juices from Punch Detox or an aromatic brew by Brother Basil & Co. If you need a little extra motivation for the day, cocktails at the Tiki bar await you.


With so many things going on, it is always a good idea to take a breather. Make your way down to the Pamper Me Corner and indulge in a massage, have your nails painted, or get henna done! If you need more downtime, lay back on the bean bags at the Tiger Lily Lounge.

Make New Friends

SOULSCAPE Festival is the perfect time to create new connections and bond over similar interests. Go ahead and open up, trade stories and even share your bean bag with others!

Capture Moments

Once you have made new friends, it is time to capture the moment! Let our trusty photo wall—manned by the cool folks at Instaroid—do the work for you. If you need more ideas for a perfect photo spot, check this out!

Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others

SOULSCAPE Festival is all about fostering a supportive community that accepts diversity. Share your wellness or yoga journey with others as you venture deeper into your own.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Let loose with live DJ sets from DJ Doopz, DJ Jean Reiki, and DJ Sofree.

Bring Your Little Ones

Good news for the parents and canine lovers out there: Tanjong Beach is super dog- and kid-friendly! Children can have their own fun over at the Kids Oasis, or even join in the Sunset Yoga at the end of the day.

Try Everything

Leave no room for second guessing yourself at SOULSCAPE Festival. It is time to be open minded and adventurous with what you do for the day, be it trying new workshops or experiencing unfamiliar moves!


With only four days left to SOULSCAPE Festival, we are as excited as you are. Prepare yourself physical and mentally for the actual festival day on Saturday, October 1. If you have not got your tickets, get them now so you do not miss out.