Meet the Presenters: Sacred Song Sisters Amy, Yin Ling, Diana

SOULSCAPE Announcements

Three soul sisters are bringing their divine songs and sounds to SOULSCAPE Festival 2016. Ahead of that, they let us in what is their soulscape, and who is in their soulcircle.


Sacred Song Sisters: Amy, Yin Ling, Diana
Sacred Song Circle, 8pm

What does a soulscape mean to you?

Arriving somewhere that creates an immediate sense and feeling of openness and beauty, that invites a remembering of the essence of soul.

Who are in your soulcircle?

Our soul sisters who journey alongside us through life, with heart, with beauty, with grace, and with courage.

Describe your workshop for the festival.

An opportunity to connect with your heart, express your heart through song, and melt into the harmonies of friends old and new gathering with you.

How can someone prepare for your workshop?

Simply come as you are, ready to sing or even to receive the juicy vibrations of song.

How can they benefit from your workshop?

Being able to move out of the mind and into the heart, allowing yourself a chance to listen to and be nourished by the beauty of your own singing, and that of others.

Who are you most looking forward to learn from at the festival?

We are looking forward to the array of offerings from our ever growing locally based community here in Singapore.

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

We are looking forward to the moments throughout the festival, where our energies are collectively brought to focus in asana, brought to stillness in meditation, or brought to joy in song. It is powerful when we can ride the same wave of energy together in community.


Amy, Yin Ling and Diana will lift your hearts and soul with their voices at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016 on October 1 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. Full day tickets are $49; get your tickets here. All tickets come with a goody bag worth $50, a free gym membership worth $129, and are pre-loaded with $8 for purchases at the festival.