SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY soulcircle with Sandra Riley Tan, Oct 1, 2016 | SOULSCAPE Festival

What You Missed: #soulcircle Special Yoga Class with Sandra Riley Tang

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Stop, drop, and yoga—we took that to a different level on Saturday Sept 10 for SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY at the Suntec City Mall with the co-founder of The Yoga Co. and one quarter of Singapore’s The Sam Willows.

Our fourth #soulcircle pop up yoga event was a truly special one! Yogi, musician, and all round bubbly Sandra Riley Tang of The Yoga Co. led an energising flow session for 50 members of the public and media, as they moved within Cotton On Body Suntec City Mall. This exclusive event marked the collaboration between Cotton On Body as the official apparel sponsor of SOULSCAPE Festival 2016.


Doors opened at 8am, after display racks of Cotton On clothing were moved aside from the front of the store for a spacious area where yogis could move. Despite the sudden arrival of a storm, dedicated yogis arrived, bringing with them their positive energy. There was definitely an energy buzz humming inside the stall as the room gradually filled with people clad in athleisure, a stark contrast to the silence permeating Suntec City Mall just beyond the Cotton On store.

It was a diverse crowd that arrived on Saturday—male and females of various ages and fitness levels unrolled their yoga mats. Besides yoga teachers and fitness influencers, we also had the pleasure of welcoming our media colleagues from CLEO, TheSmartLocal, Team Juicy, and Sassymama!

At 8.45am, Sandra breezed in and everyone fell silent in the presence of their celebrity fitness inspiration. She began with a brief introduction of her yoga journey and collaboration with SOULSCAPE—her belief in mindful movement and expanding the yoga-loving community closely aligns with the believes of SOULSCAPE, and we are grateful for Sandra in leading this special event.

Sandra, ever the seasoned yoga teacher, checked on the general yoga levels of everyone, so that she could guide everyone through a routine that would challenge and stretch each person individually.

Beginning with a gentle warm up, Sandra then guided everyone through a series of structured flow of sun salutations. Under her assuring guidance, individual forms melded into a sea of moving bodies that created a wave of energetic vibrations.

SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY with Sandra Riley Tang, Oct 1, 2016 - reverse warrior | SOULSCAPE Festival

A core aspect of the session was the focus on strength. In particular, Sandra carefully broke down the fundamentals of the Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana) pose, demonstrating the posture with accurate engagement of the hips and legs. A standard asana for every yogi, everyone present soon had a new perspective on the warrior pose after Sandra’s explanation.

SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY soulcircle with Sandra Riley Tang guiding participants | SOULSCAPE Festival

Oh yes, people did sweat. Even in the often ‘laidback’ downward dog position, Sandra had people roll up their mats and rely purely on core strength to grip the mats to their bodies, as she went round trying to pull the mats off! In many ways, the session soon resembled a power yoga class, as the group bravely held poses—despite some trembling of the arms! Certainly, no one was complaining by the time they arrive at savasana.


SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY soulcircle with Sandra Riley Tang - group shot | SOULSCAPE Festival

After everyone’s personal achievement, we gathered for a group photo with Sandra. Then everyone refreshed themselves with complimentary Whole Kitchen energy balls and Cocomax coconut water. The highlight for everyone had to be taking photographs with Sandra herself, who was friendly, energetic, and smiling all the time. Seeing how everybody had a ball of a time, it was definitely a great day for the #soulcircle community!

SOULSCAPE X COTTON ON BODY soulcircle with Sandra Riley Tang - girls-with-cocomax-and-whole-kitchen-energy-balls | SOULSCAPE Festival

Yoga is definitely more fun with friends! This is why you should not miss out on attending SOULSCAPE Festival 2016 on Saturday 1 October with your friends. Join us and grow your #soulcircle!