Allay Ruff for SOULSCAPE Festival 2016

Peek into Singapore fitness influencer Alyaa Ruff’s soulscape

SOULSCAPE Announcements

Self-taught yogi Alyaa Rauff got hooked on the practice back in September 2014, and has not turned back since. She lets us in to her soulscape.

After making a resolute decision four years ago to embark on a healthier lifestyle, Aly has found yoga to be a true source of strength. She started by learning yoga through online videos on YouTube, websites, and Instagram, before settling on a studio to perfect her asanas. She now practises yoga daily while juggling other home workouts. What else is in her soulscape?

Is your yoga journey similar to Aly’s? Share it with her in person at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016! Grab your #soulcircle tribe and get tickets here.

Follow Aly’s personal yogi journey on her Instagram.