Which SOULSCAPE Yoga Workshop Suits You

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With more than 15 yoga, meditation, movement and dance workshops at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016, how do you split yourself? Our fun guide helps narrow it down for you.

Now that SOULSCAPE Festival 2016 is only a few days away, you may be looking at the schedule and wondering which yoga or meditation workshop to go for. We know that everything looks good, and you do not want to miss out on all of them. However, the best way of approaching this is to attend the workshops that suit your workout style. So here is our fun guide on the various yoga, meditation, movement, and dance workshops you can attend, based on your fitness workout style.

If you would like to.. unfetter your mind, then the Mindful Movement & Meditation classes at the Healing Hut are perfect for you. Led by established practitioners from Nirvana Mind, you will be led through a series of gentle movements involving sitting, standing and lying while connecting with your breath and the present.

If you would like to… shake your booty, turn up for Embodied Dance with Daniel “Sonic” Rojas. This unique playshop is exactly what it sounds like—a play-workshop that combines elements from different dance cultures to break down the boundaries of movement, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your body and innate musicality. Great for conditioning the body and mind!

If you would like to… reach new heights, then take a leap of faith with Acro Yoga. Suitable for couples, besties, and daredevils in general, this yoga workshop will show you how to transition between flying poses in seamless infinite loops. Embrace meditation in motion as you go deeper into each partner pose.

If you would like to… discover your inner self, then experience Upper & Lower Chakra Work by Masumi Lacoste. It is specifically designed to help you activate the seven power centres of your body through Kriya yoga, specific postures, pranayama, visualisation, dance, and meditation. These contribute to an enhanced self-awareness of who you are, and what your life’s purpose is.

If you would like to… alleviate tightness in the body, then get into position with The Geometry of Backbends & Hollowback. This special workshop leverages on James Wong’s signature spinal roll movements and vinyasa yoga flow to increase your flexibility. Individually, you will also learn about anatomy and releasing physical blockages in your journey towards a deep backbend.

If you would like to… try out yoga for the first time, then lay your mats for Sunset Yoga led by Denise Keller, with live music curated and played by popular local DJ and yogini DJ Doopz aka Amanda Ling. Enjoy this gentle flow class as you unite your breath, mind, and body together with everyone else.

So, which SOULSCAPE Festival 2016 yoga workshop will you be attending? Want more options? Check out our exciting lineup here. See you there this Saturday at Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach!