Surprise! Your Ticket has been Upgraded

SOULSCAPE Announcements

To our #soulcircle community who bought festival tickets before September 12, 2016, we have wonderful news for you—we have upgraded your tickets! As SOULSCAPE is about fostering and growing a #soulcircle community that moves, breathes, lives, eats, and escapes well, this will enable more people to live the health and wellness lifestyle together.

This also gives your #soulcircle community, and you the chance to experience all the workshops and activities of the day. How cool is that!

For starters, all Sunset Yoga ticket holders are now upgraded to Full Day. This means that besides Sunset Yoga with Denise Keller, you can also attend all the other yoga, dance, and meditation workshops running from 9am onwards. Not forgetting the free $50 goody bag, free $129 gym membership, and free $8 spending credit on your ticket wristband too!

Current Full Day Adult ticket holders, you have been upgraded to VIPs! This means that your goody bag is now worth $350, and includes perks such as free lunch from DoSiRak, free acai bowl from Selva Foods, cold pressed juice from Punch Detox, a free cocktail made with cold-brewed coffee-infused liqueur from Jumping Goat at the Tiki bar, and VIP butler service. What is more, you can grab front row spots at all workshops. How awesome is that!

We know that you may have friends who would like to come down to soak in the festival vibe but do not wish to do yoga. So we now have a Walk About ticket at $25, which can be purchased at the door on event day itself.

See you there at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa come October 1, Saturday!