SOULSCAPE Festival 2015 beach shot

Top 10 Activities to Do at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016

SOULSCAPE Announcements

Make it a party with your friends over yoga, music, and dance on Saturday, October 1 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, Singapore. We let you in on all the fun activities to enjoy on festival day!

Once again, Singapore’s Most Iconic Mindful Movement Festival is back. Now in its third year, we promise you an incredible day of workshops, fun, and community interaction. Spend the day relaxing on the beach, letting the sea breeze ruffle your hair, or just nourishing your inner self with fellow yogis.

Try Out Acro Yoga

If you are seeking a challenge, try Acro Yoga. Ideal for couples, besties, and even new friends, the session builds strength and concentration. Experience meditation in motion like you never did before.


Dance and Find Your Inner Rhythm

SOULSCAPE Festival is also about moving, so dive into any one of our dance workshops: Embodied Dance or Capoeira with Live Music. Guaranteed to give you a good cardio workout, these unique playshops also change the way you look at movement.


Get Some Ear Worm


Music is a big part of our festival. Be it cosmic sound vibes by Flame of the Forest, or soothing rhythms by any of the female DJs Jean ‘Reiki’ Tay, Doopz aka Amanda Ling, or Sofree, you will definitely find your jam for the day.


Go Shavasana

How does spending an hour in shavasana sound? Completely relaxing! Now add in the lovely sounds of rainbow coloured singing bowls, and it becomes a 60-minute session that rejuvenates and revitalises your body, mind, heart, and spirit. So schedule in time for the Rainbow Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing.



Relieve Body Aches

Apart from yoga and mindful movement, we are also big on therapy. Release back tightness with our Backbends & Hollowback workshop, or try out some qi gong to balance your chi.


Chill Out, Anytime

Tired of working out and in need of a little siesta? Pick out a cosy spot at the Tiger Lily Lounge and enjoy the live music playing all day. Or lounge on one of our plush beanbags, available for you and your friends to take a breather!


Get Retail Therapy

Trust us, shopping and mindful movement can go hand in hand! Make sure to check out The Village, where you can pick up nutritious food, yoga accessories, and other earth- and people-friendly brands!


Have Your Fortune Read

Get a divine reading, or two, and discover how your life and the cosmic are connected. Then use this knowledge to enrich your life.


Take an Instagram-Worthy Shot

No festival is complete without photo-perfect moments. Strike a yoga pose anywhere on the beach with your friends, or let our photographers capture great shots for you!


Wind Down with Sunset Yoga

The highlight of our festival is Sunset Yoga, which is a mass yoga session on the beach, as the sun sets. Led by celebrity host and yoga teacher Denise Keller, flow together with your #soulcircle as dusk sets in.


Last but not least, just come and have a great time with us! Leave all your worries behind as you begin your weekend with a fulfilling day at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016. Get your tickets here now!