You Will Not See These 3 Types of Yoga Classes in Singapore

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With the many yoga classes and festivals in Singapore, you would think that we have all the various types of yoga here. Apparently, there are other types of yoga that our little red dot has not seen, and we doubt ever will.

The beauty of yoga is that it connects the mind, body and spirit—flowing through yoga asana poses will lead you to become more conscious of your breathing and thoughts. Interestingly, there are various interpretations of how yoga should be done. Here are three types of yoga classes that are practiced in other countries, but we doubt will ever find its way to Singapore.

There are two things that are required for Equine Yoga. Firstly, you require a horse. Secondly, you require a horse that would not mind you doing yoga on its back. Seeing that not everyone in Singapore has access to a horse, much less own one, this is one type of yoga that probably will not catch on any time soon in our little red dot.

NOGA or nude yoga is exactly what it says—doing yoga in the nude. The idea behind this is that it is meant to give you true freedom as you become comfortable in your own skin. Although everyone in yoga class is naked, it is supposedly non-sexual. On another note, having genitalia hanging out is probably far from comfortable when doing certain yoga poses. This is also a class that you would feel comfortable attending only if your body is fit.

Guess what you get to do during tantrum yoga class? Exactly that—throw a tantrum. You get to scream, stomp, and yell your way to better health. It can be therapeutic to shake, dance, and scream to let go of the day’s frustrations. Sounds like the type of yoga class that most Singaporeans need at the end of the work week!

These are only some of the many adaptations of yoga class in other parts of the world. Despite these different types of yoga classes being a little  controversial, you could still try tantrum yoga in an open space or NOGA in the comfort of your own home.

However, if you would like to stick with vinyasa, hatha, or ashtanga, you can try yoga for the first time during our Sunset Yoga session with Denise Keller. Tickets are $49 for Full Day, and come with free $50 goody bag, free $129 gym membership, and free $8 spending money on the ticket wristband.